Why do I need to register?

    Feedback on Your Say Onkaparinga remains anonymous. The only reason we ask you to register is because we capture some basic demographic information during registration. Aside from the screen name you choose, your information is not publically displayed and does not identify you individually in your responses. However it helps us see more broadly what suburbs people are in and what age groups are responding to our surveys. Your information helps us tailor Your Say opportunities and how we promote them to our communities.

    Once you have registered, you won’t need to enter that same information every time you complete a survey or provide feedback to us.

    What happens to my feedback?

    All comments, ideas and suggestions received from our community engagement activities are collated and used to inform Council decision-making processes for the development of strategies, programs and activities. In some instances your feedback will be included in Council reports and documents which can be viewed publically.

    Is my participation anonymous?

    During registration we collect information that may be personally identifiable (such as your email address). However, no personally identifiable information will be reported unless you voluntarily offer personal or contact information in any of the comment fields when participating in an activity on the Your Say site (such as when you are completing a survey for example). Additionally, your responses are combined with those of many others and summarised in a report to further protect your anonymity.

    What happens to my personal information?

    We keep very limited personal data from your registration.  Your details are kept on the Your Say Onkaparinga website. We will treat your personal details in confidence in accordance with our Records Management Policy.

    Your email address will only be used to provide information to you and will not be provided to any external organisations or used for any other purpose.

    How do I update my records?

    You can log into your account and update your details at any time.  Hover over your user name (top right of the home page) and click on 'Profile'.

    Can I cancel the emails I receive from Your Say and keep my registration?

    Yes. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time.

    Can I cancel my registration?

    Yes. Email us at YourSay@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au and we will cancel your registration and close your account.

    Who can I contact about the Your Say website?

    Email us at YourSay@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au or call us on (08) 8384 0623 during business hours.