When will the traffic calming work be done?

    The project is planned for the 2021/22 financial year. In the meantime, further planning and design work is being undertaken in consideration of the feedback received during the previous community engagement process with updated designs to be made available for comment shortly.

    Will vehicle speeds increase if speed cushions are removed?

    The most resent traffic surveys undertaken along Esplanade and Sydney Crescent identified 85%ile speeds of between 38km/h and 41km/h. The 85%ile speed is the speed 85% of motorists were travelling at or less during the seven day survey period. The proposed treatment aims to maintain current vehicle speeds. We will undertake traffic surveys post construction to ensure the 85%ile speeds do not exceed the urban default speed limit.

    Why can't we just replace the speed cushions?

    The objective of this project is to design and construct a new traffic scheme for the Esplanade and Sydney Crescent based on current industry best practice for traffic management devices and to further improve pedestrian safety. 

    How will this improve safety?

    The proposed treatment aims to maintain acceptable vehicle speeds with the use of localised road narrowing and raised platforms which will perform in a similar way to the speed cushions. Two of the platforms incorporate pedestrian crossings providing connectivity between the esplanade and Tutu Wirra Reserve, and between the beach and restaurants / cafés on the northern side of Saltfleet Street.