Will the footpath on the western side of Grand Boulevard be renewed?

    The scope of this project is for the renewal of the footpath on the eastern side of the road and this was prioritised due to the condition of the footpath segment and adjacent timber sleeping retaining walls.

    Renewal of the footpath on the western side of Grand Boulevard is not included in this project, however we have recently completed a condition audit of Councils entire footpath network and a number of the footpath segments on the western side of Grand Boulevard between Griffiths drive and Endeavour Drive meet our renewal criteria. A renewal project will be input into our Project and Capital Works program for these segments and we are currently using the data collected through the audit to prioritise the project, considering a number of factors such as the current condition of the footpath segment, compliance of the path in relation to the relevant standards and proximity to pedestrian generators such as town centres, public transport facilities etc.

    Through future renewal projects we will also consider the need to replace street trees taking into account the tree species, root movement/depth and cross section of the site.