Why is this reserve being upgraded?

    The infrastructure at the reserve has reached the end of its asset life and has been identified for an upgrade.

    What work will be undertaken?

    The upgrade will consist of:

    ·  upgrading the playground to include a play platform, three swing set and a rocker

    ·  nature play items such as balancing logs, timber steppers and a climbing trunk

    ·  upgrading the irrigation system

    ·  upgrading the pathway network

    ·  renewing landscaping

    ·  new seating

    ·  updating the cricket pitch, including permanent stumps

    When will the upgrade be completed?

    We wish to engage with the community over the next few weeks. We will then compile the feedback and complete the final design of the reserve.

    The upgrade is expected to be undertaken within the 2020-21 financial year subject to Council budget approval.

    Advance notice signage will be erected on site before construction.

    What's being removed and why?

    The current shelter, basketball key and drinking fountain are being removed and will not be replaced due to them being past their asset life.

    Helmsman Terrace Reserve is a Local Family Park as identified in our Open Space Strategic Management Plan.  Local Family Parks cater for short visits and we are not required to provide these items.  We understand that shade is important, however it is preferred that natural shade provided by existing trees is used.

    The cricket pitch will remain as there is still good life left in this asset.  We will update the cricket pitch with permanent stumps.

    What's not included in the upgrade?

    Lighting, fencing, built shade and BBQ facilities are outside of our service level for local family parks and will not be included in the upgrade plans for Helmsman Terrace reserve.