How has the draft Master Plan been informed?

    Preparation of the draft Master Plan has been informed by consultation with all nine existing Aldinga sporting clubs, the Southern and Southern Hills Districts Outdoor Sports Needs Analysis (Ross Planning, 2019), Skate Facilities Management Plan 2016-2021, Open Space Strategic Plan 2018-2023 and other research as part of Sport and Active Recreation Strategy.

    Consideration has been given to this precinct’s interface with and connectivity to;

    • Construction of the new Aldinga B-12 School
    • Aldinga Township and shared street precinct
    • Main South Road duplication project.
    • Future development and rezoning of land adjacent the southern boundary

    How is this project being funded?

    Federal funding ($2.26M) announced by Rebekha Sharkie (Federal MP for Mayo) in 2019, together with Council investment ($2.35M) in 2020/21 enables significant upgrades to Aldinga Sports Park over the next 2 years.

    The total $4.71 million has been secured in 2020-21 for delivery of stage 1 works, which will deliver: 

    • shared soccer and hockey building
    • senior soccer pitch 
    • site services upgrade 
    • sport lighting for bowls, hockey and croquet
    • fully enclosed cricket nets
    • reconstructed and resurfaced hard courts 
    • upgrades to road access, car parks and landscaping 
    • equestrian relocation 
    • investment in school sports facilities for community use

    Why are equestrian facilities being relocated?

    The relocation of equestrian facilities is necessary due to the pressures associated with population growth and development in Aldinga. Increases in development within and surrounding the Aldinga Sports Park will continue to impact on equestrian club’s operation in the future.

    In consultation with the equestrian clubs, it is proposed that their facilities be relocated. 

    A new facility is proposed at Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Morphett Vale. A draft facility plan has been developed for that site with input from the three clubs; Southern Vales Dressage Club, Aldinga Bay Riding Club and Morphett Vale Riding Club.

    The relocation of equestrian from the current position in the Aldinga Sports Park will also accommodate co-location of school and Aldinga Sports Park soccer facilities.