March Update

about 1 year ago

You may have noticed us excavating in the same place multiple times. This construction required that a number of areas were excavated more than once to allow new infrastructure to be installed and, once installed, the existing infrastructure could be interconnected. This is the only way wastewater pipework can be constructed to maintain a continuous working wastewater system at all times throughout the construction period.

Final commissioning of the newly installed Wastewater infrastructure was completed on Monday 11 February 2019 which has now enabled final reinstatement and site clean up to take place.

The road reinstatement was inspected on 18 Feb by our managing contractor TRILITY along with council representatives. The reinstatement work on Main Road is scheduled to be completed by 22 Feb.

Main Road, McLaren Flat, is a Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) (State Government) road and final reinstatement work is being carried out in accordance with their required specifications. The final reinstatement works will be inspected by DPTI, TRILITY and Council prior to project completion.

We are still on track to complete this project in March 2019 and will continue to keep the community informed as work progresses. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please see below for the latest updates.

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