What is a dry area?

    A dry area is a place where you're not allowed to have or drink alcohol.  The purpose of a dry area is to curb alcohol-related problems and anti-social behaviour in public areas such as:

    • reserves
    • main shopping precincts
    • car parks
    • beaches and foreshores
    • communities where drinking in public places is an indicator of complex social issues

    What if I'm just passing through the dry area?

    It's not an offence to have alcohol while genuinely passing through a dry area if:

    • it's is unopened and in the original container in which it was purchased from a licensed premises
    • it's in the course of carrying on a business, such as a restaurant delivering a bottle of wine with a meal
    • you live near a dry area and muss pass through it to enter your home
    • the alcohol is for religious purposes