Why are we doing a service review?

    Through the regular review of council services, we gain a greater understanding of the needs of our communities and how efficiently and effectively we are meeting those needs, enabling us to think critically and innovatively about future service delivery. The Events Service Review will inform the purpose and types of events we fund and deliver in the future.

    What does it mean for Council to deliver events?

    Delivered events are those funded, owned and operated by council in-house, including the Christmas Pageant, Australia Day Bush Fair and Beachside Food and Wine Festival.

    What funding is currently offered?

    The City of Onkaparinga offers a wide range of funding opportunities to help stage festivals, events and projects which benefit our communities, for further information visit www.onkaparingacity.com/grants

    What social/community benefits do events bring to our city?

    Benefits include:

    ·  enhanced community spirit

    ·  builds networks within and outside of the community

    ·  improved skills of the residents of the community

    ·  foster a sense of place and a sense of pride among residents

    How do you measure economic benefit to our city through the events?

    We measure economic benefit through the increased visitor spending in local businesses across our city and the attraction of new business activity and/or employment within our region.