Why does the road need to be reconstructed?

    The current road pavement has suffered from significant reactive soil movement. This has caused undulation (bumps and uneven surfaces), pavement failures (cracks and potholes) and water pooling and requires a complete reconstruction.

    When is construction starting?

    Construction is currently due to commence in the 2021/22 financial year..

    We will update the community once dates are known.

    Were bike lanes considered?

    Yes, bike lanes were considered, however due to the road space required to accommodate parking, buses and the stormwater channel on the western side, we cannot accommodate bike lanes. 

    How will I access my property during construction?

    Prior to and during construction, our staff and nominated contractors will consult with affected residents to ensure that they are not unduly inconvenienced and that access to properties is maintained.

    Any necessary closures will be temporary and in consultation with the affected residents.