What is a 'major event'?

    Council delivers a range of different events for the benefit of our communities. The major events we deliver are much larger in scale than other events, and along with community and social benefits, major events help to showcase the City of Onkaparinga and inject money into our local economy.

    Why is council seeking feedback on major events?

    We are currently seeking feedback on our five major events so that we can continue to improve them for the benefit of our communities. We are also considering alternative or additional events based on previous suggestions from community members.

    If changes are made to council's major events, when would the changes take effect?

    After the close of the engagement period on 26 February we will collate the community feedback and include it in a report to Council in mid-2023.  Council will consider the feedback and approve any changes to the major events in time for the 2023-24 summer event season, which we anticipate will commence in November 2023.