What do we mean by The Vibe?

The iconic Australian movie The Castle has a fabulous scene where Darryl Kerrigan’s lawyer tells the High Court “It’s the vibe of it …”

In simple terms, the vibe is our organisational culture and the feeling you get when you walk in to a workplace. It’s how the environment makes you feel, how people behave and “the way we do things around here.”

Why are we doing this review?

Effective internal communications and recognition is crucial to the success of any organisation.

Delivered correctly, it has the ability to inform, engage and inspire the workforce to fulfil ambitions and overcome challenges. 

It’s been six years since we last sought feedback from our staff regarding internal communication and recognition. A lot has changed in this time, including the needs of our people, and this review will ensure our future direction aligns with these changes

What will happen with the data?

Following our engagement, the Working Group will develop an action plan, capturing short, medium and long term actions focussed on improving communication and recognition.

Recommendations will be presented to DG on 16 December.

New initiatives and programs will be rolled out from January 2020 onwards.

Will all my ideas be implemented?

The Working Group will do their best to accommodate all ideas but as the organisation is so diverse and large, there will be some ideas that will not be able to be implemented. 

We will keep you in the loop with the action plan so you can see clearly the initiatives and programs planned for 2020 and beyond.  

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, we assure you it is anonymous and encourage frank and fearless feedback.

We are collecting information about which section you work in so we can better tailor internal communication and recognition to your needs.  

What other ways will I have to contribute?

We encourage continuous improvement and encourage you to contact a Working Group member or the Organisational Development team (ext 7267) with any ideas you may have that can't be captured in the survey.  

Who is involved in the Working Group?

The Working Group is made up of 36 diverse members across the organisation.  They represent a mix of roles, experience and work sites.

For a full list of members, please refer to the Word Document library on the home page.  

Who do I contact if I have more info?

Please contact 

  • Pippa Cattanach, Organisational Development Partner on 8301 7267 or email
  • Emma Webb, Organisational Development Project Officer on 8448 2013 or email