Why are the lights needed?

    A Netball Facilities review was completed in 2021 which identified the immediate demand for netball infrastructure within the Karingal Reserve boundary.

    What is the purpose of the lights?

    The purpose of the upgrade and installation of new sports lighting is to:

    • Provide lighting facilities for training purposes.
    • Improve player visibility and safety.
    • Assist in managing the wear and tear on playing surfaces.
    • Provide further opportunities for local residents to participate in physical activity.

    What will the project involve?

    The project will involve installation of sports lighting to all four community courts. There will be six light poles, each with a height of 12m and housing two LED fittings per pole (please refer to light system example).  

    Will the lights spill into my property?

    The light poles will house LED light fittings to an average of 100 luminaries (see example photo). By utilising LED fittings this will help control and minimise the light spill into surrounding residential properties (see lighting spill design), in line with Australian Standards.  

    How will the lights work?

    The lights will be on a 30 minute timing system which can be utilised by the community and cannot be turned on after 10pm.

    When will the upgrade occur?

    Construction of the lighting upgrade is expected to be undertaken between January - March 2022. Advance notice signage will be erected on site before construction.

    What happens to my feedback?

    We will collate all of the feedback received and review before finalising the design and undertaking construction.