How was the Market Square site chosen?

    Market Square was identified through a feasibility study undertaken in 2018-2019 and was highly recommended as a suitable site. The feasibility study referenced extensive community engagement undertaken by Spirit of Woman in 2017 -18 and included over 500 community members (over 50% from the South). 

    Who is the artist?

    The artist is Clancy Warner

    Since graduating from Adelaide College of the Arts with a BA Visual Arts degree in 2013, Clancy Warner has been a full-time, professional, award-winning sculptor. Numerous pieces of her work have been installed as public art and have been purchased by some of South Australia’s most prominent collectors. Her art practice strongly reflects her views on the world, including themes with a political or social justice edge as well as representations of animals and nature.

    You can view her Website to learn more about Clancy.

    What did the artist consider when developing the concept?

    The brief required the artist to consider the following:

    • be a place of quiet reflection, contemplation and healing that provides an enduring symbol for current and future generations of the lifelong traumatic impact of family and domestic violence 
    • reflect the experiences of those affected by family and domestic violence
    • evoke the historical significance of the community’s commitment to providing support for victims of family and domestic violence
    • recognise the disproportionate representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in family and domestic violence, paying attention to physical, spiritual, cultural, emotional and social wellbeing elements relevant to healing
    • acknowledge that all genders, cultures and communities are impacted
    • inspire and engage people to learn more
    • invite people to gather, linger and sit
    • convey a sense of unity, not fractured separation if made up from several components
    • not focus on negativity but convey hope, optimism and lightness
    • have a plaque which references the Place of Courage as a state-wide public art approach and any sponsors 
    • create a welcoming and inviting space, providing easy access and a sense of safety
    • give a powerful public profile to the vision of a future free from family and domestic violence

    How can I have my say?

    It's easy to have your say.  Simply go to the 'Provide Feedback' button on this page, or email us at or you can call us on 08 8384 0666.