What is the need for this project?

    The Port Noarlunga Sports Ground has a number of buildings and structures servicing the oval and courts. Some of these facilities have reached the end of their asset life and require renewal. This is particularly relevant to the changeroom facilities, which are no longer compliant with standards and do not cater for the growing participation in women’s AFL.

    The distance of the current club rooms from the oval also limits the safety of users (eg. crossing the carpark to get to the oval) and limits opportunities to use the club facilities in conjunction with sports activities on the oval and courts.

    Budget and Funding

    A total project budget of $3.1M has been estimated. At this stage Council has committed $1.0M to the first stage of the development, subject to receipt of matching external funding. 

    A further $0.55M is identified for a future second stage, also subject to matching external funding. 

    Council is actively pursuing external funding opportunities. Once external funding is secured we will be able to confirm what facilities are possible to deliver through the first stage of the project, and the timeframe for construction.

    What facilities will be included in the new multi-use sports building?

    Council are planning to deliver the project within a single stage.

    The new facilities will contain:

    • Four unisex player changerooms with amenities. The changerooms can be amalgamated, using operable walls, to form two sets of larger changerooms
    • Two unisex umpire changerooms with amenities
    • A large function area with panoramic views, adjoining the sports oval and hard courts
    • A kitchen/bar to service the function room
    • Male, female and a unisex DDA toilet
    • Two canteens; one for both the oval and hard courts
    • Two offices for sports facilitators 
    • Storage rooms for sports equipment and function room.

    What will happen to the existing clubrooms and changerooms?

    We anticipate that most of the existing facilities will need to be retained until both stages of the new building have been completed. This will help to minimise disruption to club activities during construction.  Once all new facilities are provided, the existing buildings will be demolished. 

    It is anticipated that the area of the current buildings will become a car-parking area in the future, adjacent to the new multi-use building.

    What will happen to the current playground next to the courts?

    The design may require this playground to be relocated, however Council is aware that it is well used by the community and therefore needs to be incorporated into the design in the same area near the courts and oval.

    How long will the design process take?

    The concept design has been completed, and the project is currently undergoing detailed design to add further refinements and incorporate feedback from user groups.

    When is the new building expected to be constructed and ready for community use?

    Council has committed $1.65M to the development, with a further $1.65M to be provided through the Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Program grant.

    The new building is expected to commence construction starting late 2021, and will take approximately 12 months to complete.

    What else will the design of this new building consider?

    As well as providing functional facilities to support sport activities, the design of the building will also consider:

    • Sustainability and Amenity to ensure that the building is energy and water efficient and maximises the use of natural light and ventilation.
    • Accessibility and Safety to ensure that the building and surrounding pedestrian and spectator areas are welcoming, safe and accessible for all users.
    • Durability of the building, to ensure that it is easy and cost-effective to maintain and has a long asset life.