Why is Council revoking the community land status of this land?

    Council is proposing to revoke this land from its community land classification as a direct consequence of the adjacent landowner approaching Council to purchase the subject land to consolidate with their property to formalise the simplest and most convenient access point to their property.

    What will council do with the funds from the sale if it goes ahead?

    Funds from the sale of this land (if the revocation and disposal is approved by Council) will be assigned to the Strategic Acquisitions Reserve Fund to assist with the funding of future strategic land acquisitions and other projects that will benefit the community.

    Has a decision to sell already been made?

    At its meeting on 11 September 2018, Council approved the commencement of the process to revoke the community land status by undertaking public consultation as required under the Local Government Act 1999

    We are now seeking feedback from the community which will be presented to Council in a further report where Council will decide whether to seek the approval of the Minister for Planning to proceed, or not continue with the revocation process.