What works will be completed immediately?

    The proposal is for construction of a pipeline to address the erosion problem. 

    Why is the project being staged?

    Due to the urgent nature of the erosion we need to construct the pipeline immediately. We do not have sufficient funding to complete all stages immediately.

    Will the work permanently resolve the erosion problem?

    Yes, the proposed pipeline will be suitable to carry the 100-year storm runoff all the way to the watercourse.

    Have alternative solutions been considered?

    Yes, we have considered several options and undertaken detailed assessment of an open concrete swale, routing flow to Justs Road or Country Drive and the use of a detention basin.

    Will the road be upgraded to kerb and gutter?

    Reconstruction of the road will be required if development of the land to the south occurs. Kerb and gutter would be provided at this time.

    What is being done about the erosion on the north side of the road?

    Stage 2 of the project will address the flow of water along the northern side of the road by providing a bitumen swale with gully inlet pits to collect water and direct it into the new pipeline.

    Will houses along the road be impacted?

    Construction works will occur only on the southern side of the road, and access to properties will be maintained at all times.