Thank you to everyone that participated in this consultation during April/May 2023. All of your feedback and submissions were collated and presented to Council in a report on 18 July 2023 (see agenda here - refer Item 9.1), where the updated by-laws were approved. These by-laws came into effect in November 2023.


The Local Government Act 1999 section 251 outlines that local government by-laws expire on 1 January of the year following the seventh anniversary of the day on which the by-law was gazetted.

Five council by-laws were due to expire on 1 January 2024:

  • By-law 1 Permits and penalties: A by-law to create a permit system for council by-laws, to fix maximum and continuing penalties for offences, and for the creation of new by-laws.
  • By-law 2 Movable signs: A by-law to set standards for moveable signs on roads and to provide conditions for the placement of such signs for the purpose of visual amenity and public safety.
  • By-law 3 Roads: A by-law to regulate certain activities on roads in the council area.
  • By-law 4 Local Government land: A by-law to regulate the access to and use of Local Government land (other than roads), and certain public places.
  • By-law 6 Foreshore: A by-law for the management of the foreshores in the council area.

The Dogs By-law was reviewed in 2022.