Why is this park being upgraded?

    The infrastructure at the park on Quadrant Terrace, Seaford has reached the end of its asset life and has been identified for a reserve upgrade.

    What works will be undertaken?

    Subject to Council budget approval we anticipate the following:

    ·  upgrade of the playground which includes a play platform, three swing set, rocker, drums and speaking tubes

    ·  nature play items including balancing logs, timber steppers and sensory walking

    ·  upgrade of the irrigation system

    ·  upgrade to the pathway network

    ·  renewed landscape

    ·  new seating

    ·  planting of a pocket forest

    ·  basketball key to be retained and updated

    ·  new drinking fountain 

    Why is a pocket forest being planted?

    With ongoing urban development our tree canopy is declining. Our parks and reserves are great locations to grow and showcase large canopied trees which can live for generations. We intend to plant a pocket forest and a selection of legacy trees to showcase species diversity, provide shade and cooling and to achieve our goal of increasing our tree canopy cover and urban green cover (trees, vegetation and grass) by 20% by 2045. For more information please visit our Uban Forest Renewal ‘Your Say’ page https://yoursay.onkaparinga.sa.gov.au/urban-forest-renewal

    What infrastructure will not be included in the upgrade?

    This park has been identified by the Open Space Strategic Management Plan 2018-23 as a Local Family Park. Local Family Parks are designed to cater for short visits that are within easy walking distance for nearby residents. Lighting, fencing, built shade and BBQ facilities are outside of our service level for local family parks and will not be included in the upgrade plans for Quadrant Terrace reserve. 

    When will works be undertaken?

    We are seeking community feedback over the next few weeks. We will then review the feedback and complete the final design of the park.

    The upgrade is expected to be undertaken within the 2020-21 financial year subject to Council budget approval.

    Advance notice signage will be placed on site before construction and this project page will be updated also.