Final concept plan!

Through March and April 2024, we sought feedback on the draft concept plan for the new Aldinga Skatepark via an online survey and face to face drop-in sessions. Thanks to everyone who got involved.

During the consultation, a total of 120 people completed the online survey, 50 of which were from Aldinga and surrounding suburbs and 14 people attended the drop-in sessions.

The standout comments on the draft skatepark design included:

  • The bowl was a favourite feature of the design but was not deep enough and therefore not suitable for advanced riders.
  • The design lacked an open flow area for beginners and does not cater for street style riders. It also does not allow multiple riders at one time.
  • It lacked unique skate features.

In response to these comments, the design has been amended as follows:

  • The depth of the bowl has been increased.
  • The flow section has been replaced with a street plaza which maximises the footprint with open flat space allowing multiple users to ride at once and is beginner friendly.
  • The street section incorporates several unique skate elements.

This amended design provides for a skill progression in the facility. The street plaza caters for beginner and intermediate levels while the bowl is for more advanced riders. This mix will allow for beginner users and future generations to learn and continue to progress to an advanced skill level and for advanced users to be challenged and remain interested.

Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2024.