Why has Bakers Green been selected for an upgrade?

    Bakers Green Reserve has been identified for an upgrade as there is currently a gap in the provision of playgrounds for this area.

    What is planned for this reserve?

    The following list shows our ideas for the area:

    • installation of a playground suitable for up to 12 year olds
    • nature play elements
    • upgrade of the irrigation system to provide a kickabout area
    • upgrade to the pathway network
    • renewed landscaping
    • basketball key to be retained and updated

    Please refer to the concept plan for more details.

    What infrastructure will not be included in the upgrade?

    Lighting, fencing and BBQ facilities are outside of our service level for Neighbourhood Family Parks and will not be included in the upgrade plans for Bakers Green.

    What will happen with the Basketball Key?

    We will not be increasing the size of the basketball key.  We will undertake minor maintenance including high pressure cleaning, concrete repair where required, and line marking.

    Can we have a Skate Park/BMX track?

    The aim of the upgrade is to provide a playground suitable for up to 12 year olds. A skate park or BMX track is outside of the scope of this project.

    Will a toilet be included? 

    A toilet will not be included as it is outside of the service standard for Neighbourhood Family Parks. Toilets are only included for significantly larger playgrounds.

    Will shade sails be included?

    Shade sails will not be included in this project as it is outside of the service standard for Neighbourhood Family Parks. There are trees onsite for natural shade.

    When will the upgrade works happen?

    We will engage with the community over the next few weeks. We will then compile the feedback and complete the final design of the reserve. Once the final design has been developed it will be added to this Your Say page.

    The upgrade is expected to be undertaken within the 2020-21 financial year subject to Council budget approval. 

    Advance notice signage will be erected on site before construction.

    What happens to my feedback?

    We will collate all of the feedback received and review common themes and how ideas fit in line with the service standard for the park. This information will be placed into a feedback report that will direct the final design of the reserve.

    While we may be unable to provide everything asked for by the community, your feedback is important and will help us understand community priorities.

    How are our parks and reserves planned?

    Our Open Space Strategic Management Plan 2018-23 (OSSMP) guides the development of our reserves – the plan can be viewed here https://www.onkaparingacity.com/files/assets/public/strategic-plans/open-space-strategic-management-plan-2018-2023.pdf). 

    Bakers Green has been identified by the OSSMP as a Neighbourhood Family Park. Neighbourhood Family parks are designed for stays of 1-2 hours.

    Our open space network can be viewed at the following link which uses an interactive map to show each reserve and their category as determined by the OSSMP. The left hand column explains each category type and the level of service provided for that category. https://onkaparinga.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=abbe3424777648f9a24de2eec6c2cc53