Engagement outcomes

We recently sought feedback regarding your views about the western section of Button Road, Aldinga.

Engagement was undertaken from 6 November until 3 December 2023, with over 500 people visiting the Your Say Onkaparinga page during this period. There were 115 contributions via the online form and three emails containing feedback. Feedback was received on a range of issues including the conservation, cultural importance, and maintenance of the Washpool area, as well as retaining access to the beach via the ramp at the end of Button Road.

Key themes about what people value included the conservation, protection, and upkeep of the Washpool area, including its diverse flora and fauna. Maintaining access to the beach, Kaurna cultural heritage, and car parking were also mentioned. Numerous suggestions were made about potential improvements to the area while ensuring continued access to the wetland and beach.

Please refer to the complete engagement feedback report here.

On 19 March 2024, Council reviewed the Engagement Feedback Report, and a motion was passed.

Notice of motion passed 19 March 2024

  1. Council notes the finding of the Notice of Motion regarding the western section of Button Road, Aldinga.
  2. Elected Members are provided with workshops on: a. the hydrology and ecology and unique location of the Washpool b. a site visit with Kaurna representation discussing the connection and value the location has to Kaurna people.
  3. Council forms a position on Button Road to assist with council advocacy efforts and future planning of the western end of Button Road, Aldinga.

Next Steps

The next steps include workshops for elected members and a site visit. Following this, should there be any decisions or recommendations concerning the western section of Button Road or the Washpool area, we will ensure the community are kept informed.

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Background information

The Aldinga Washpool is one of the last intact coastal lagoon systems in the Adelaide region and is an excellent representation of a remnant coastal lagoon system. The wetland supports several important and rare remnant flora and fauna species and serves as a vital habitat for migratory shorebirds during spring and summer.

It is part of the Tjilbruke Dreaming Track and is of spiritual and cultural significance to the Kaurna Nation and the wider Aboriginal community; and is of considerable value to the local community.

The Department of Environment and Water (DEW) is in the process of developing an Aldinga Conservation Park Management Plan. You can find out more about their plans for the Aldinga Conservation Park on the National Parks and Wildlife website.