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Your valuable feedback will be considered when finalising artist's briefs for the relevant locations.

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We sought your input into the themes for three public art projects along coastline from Christies Beach to O'Sullivan Beach.

In 2022 Council received state government funding to deliver artwork and murals at Christies Beach and O’Sullivan Beach. This funding will be used to deliver public art as part of the Witton Bluff Base Trail and Beach Road upgrades in Christies Beach.

Council is also proposing to deliver four additional elements to the Christies Beach O’Sullivan’s Beach public art projects all of which use art and design elements to build on the local narrative of the area. These projects are diverse in their application of public art and are at different levels of planning and delivery. Linking the projects creates significant value as an investment in the local landscape of Christies Beach and O’Sullivan Beach and the potential to develop a consistent art narrative for the community.

  • Location 1 (Red) - The Nodal Point adjacent to the O’Sullivan Beach Coast Park Trail and shipyard, will be a viewing area overlooking the beach and southern coastline. A Kaurna artist will be commissioned for this work due to its association with the Tjilbruke Track and it will provide an opportunity for cultural story telling.

We asked the community to provide input into the themes that are relevant to the following three public art projects along this section of coastline. The feedback will be included in the Artist Brief for the projects.
  • Location 2 (Yellow) - Esplanade, Christies Beach will enhance the existing shared path along the coastal side of the Esplanade. The path along the Esplanade and O’Sullivan Beach Coast Park between Christies Beach and O’Sullivan Beach provides opportunity for a variety of small public art elements to tell a story as people journey along the coastline. This will be created with a series of footpath inlays design to highlight native flora and fauna, local beach culture and to build on the local narrative of the area.
  • Location 3 (Orange) - Y Steps wall – Stairway from the Esplanade to Christies Beach will similarly be an opportunity to showcase native flora and fauna and is a highly frequented entry and exit to the foreshore at Christies Beach.
  • Location 4 (Green) - Galloway Road court area.
    This project was identified as an opportunity to improve the existing urban fabric by creating increased visual interest and placemaking opportunities.

    Galloway Road court area commonly known as the Gravel Pit has been a point of interest for a committed local group (Gravel Pit to Garden group) to beautify and enhance the community engagement with the park and the surrounding unused old courts. They have been working since 2022 and have identified three projects, one of which is to create a ground mural on the disused southern court. Their idea is to use a labyrinth as the core design for the ground mural.

    The local schools have worked with this group through Green Adelaide, to imagine ways to beautify this area and court over the last 18 months and have already identified some themes they consider to be engaging and fun for community. The long-term plans for this area are being seeded by the group, with an aspiration to create a community garden and activity area for community members and local schools. This is still in its early stages, but it will affect the way in which the Expression of Interest for the ground mural is developed and advertised.

    The current project which they are beginning works on, is Eli’s Garden, a native sensory garden situated in the park adjacent to Christies Creek on Brodie Crescent. The group are working with council to begin planting and shaping the space. It will be a space specifically designed for all abilities and ages to enjoy.