There was strong community support for the master plan and at the Strategic Directions Committee meeting on 4 August 2020, Council approved the master plan. We wish to acknowledge your contribution to the development of the plan.

The endorsed Master Plan identified that the Clarendon netball club is to remain at their current location at the southern end of the Clarendon Oval and that the 3 netball courts and 4 tennis courts are to be upgraded within their current footprint.

During the consultation, the community raised a number of concerns about the traffic movement within the recreation ground and on the exit and entry points to Kangarilla Road. Staff will continue to work with the community and the Clarendon Community Association and the Department of Infrastructure to address the issues raised.


Over the last five years, we have been developing a Master Plan for the Clarendon Recreation Ground. It has been a complex process and has included extensive engagements with many stakeholders across the Clarendon community.

After further meetings with stakeholders, the plan was extended to include River Bend Park, Hazel McKenzie Land and the SA Water land between the bakery and the ford crossing.

Following endorsement of the Clarendon Master Plan in 2020, Council focussed on projects that could be delivered over the next few years. These projects included reconstruction of the upper & lower tennis & netball courts and upgrades to the Pavilion environs carparks and picnic areas.

In developing the Master Plan, we considered:

  • the current use of the recreation ground
  • the current standard capacity of the facilities
  • the current and future demand for open space and recreational use
  • the future of the recreation ground
  • an action plan for consideration as part of council's budgetary process.

Master Plan Snapshot

The endorsed 2020 Masterplan identified 15 separate but related projects and 5 projects have been funded for design and construction in 2022-23:

  • reconstruction of the upper tennis and netball courts
  • upgrades of the unsealed carparks by the Pavilion and across the road
  • the provision of carparks next to the Bowling Club for disability parking
  • upgrading of the carpark by the river below the Bowling Club
  • upgrading of the barbecue area behind the Pavilion.

Further Information