At its meeting on 23 August 2022, Council, considered the feedback and resolved to:

A. in accordance with section 198 of the Act to amend the Community Land Management Plan for Sportsgrounds to include the subject land purchased for development of equestrian facilities, and

B. in accordance with section 202(2) of the Act to licence the subject land to the two displaced equestrian clubs each for five years with a right of renewal for a further five years (total licence term of 10 years).


We are relocating the equestrian facilities from the Aldinga Sports Park site to a new location at Lot 6 Bowering Hill Road in Aldinga.

The Aldinga Sports Park Masterplan identifies the relocation of the Aldinga equestrian facilities to a new location to enable the construction of new soccer facilities and provides equestrian activities at a more suitable site.

We have been working closely with the Aldinga Equestrian clubs (Southern Vales Dressage club and the Aldinga Bay Riding Club) and identified the land at Bowering Hill Road through a thorough city-wide investigation into several location options. The portion of land at Bowering Hill Road was the preferred and most suitable site identified by the clubs and council.

Council has negotiated a purchase of the land from Renewal SA. Once acquired, the land will be incorporated into Council’s Community Land Management Plan for Sportsgrounds. Council is also proposing to provide the Aldinga Bay Riding Club Inc and Southern Vales Dressage Club Inc with a 5-year licence plus a 5-year renewal option bringing the total term to 10 years.

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Consultation closed on 5 July 2022.