Stabilisation works complete and path open

We are pleased to announce that the cliff stabilisation works are now complete and the shared use path is open for use.


We will be undertaking construction to stabilise a 16m section of eroding cliff on Esplanade, Seaford, opposite Gulf Street. The works are partly funded through council's Project and Capital Works program and partly through a Coastal Protection Grant issued through the Coastal Protection Board.

The most recent collapse of this section of cliff occurred in early August 2023 and left a vertical face directly below the path. Further failure of the cliff could impact the integrity of the path.

The main cause for these types of cliff failures is an increase in groundwater discharge and storm-water runoff as the increase in water saturates the clay soil layers found mid-slope, causing it to slump.

To stabilise the cliffs and protect the path and road, we are proposing to construct a piled retaining structure. Ongoing monitoring is required to assess cliff base retreat and groundwater discharge, and additional adaptation may be required in the future. The design plans can be viewed here.

Works were originally scheduled to be undertaken later this financial year, however this has been brought forward following a more recent collapse. The timing of construction is dependent on contractor and drilling machine availability and we will work to minimise disruption during peak use periods.

During construction, pedestrian and traffic restrictions will be in place and detours will be provided for all users.

Erosion scar Esplanade Seaford

Erosion scar Esplanade Seaford

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