During the council meeting held on 17 October 2023, the following resolution state that Council resolves to approve the licence to Event People (AUS) to host the proposed event titled Food Truck Carnivale on an annual basis for three (3) years commencing in November 2023 on the basis that the licence will contain reasonable conditions of use to protect the public, the land, the environment and cultural heritage significance.


We have received an application for a three-year licence for the exclusive use of a portion of Lot 1 Seaford Road, Seaford.

This licence is sought to host a temporary pop-up event, Food Truck Carnivale 2023 from Friday 3 November to Sunday 5 November, operating between the hours of 12 and 9pm each day. We are seeking council approval to host this event annually for a three-year period.

Click here to view the proposed location map.

What is the Food Truck Carnivale Event?

The Food Truck Carnival event is a free family event creating an all-inclusive experience through delicious food offerings, wine, breweries, fun live entertainment, amusements and an open air cinema. It has been successfully run at this location on three previous occasions, with the most recent being November 2021.

It offers the Onkaparinga Region excellent opportunity for activation, and expansion of the business landscape within the region, increases sense of community and promotes the local economy.

Risk management plans will be implemented to manage community and environmental safety during the licence period with 24 hour security. Traffic management will be managed by qualified marshals controlling and organising the flow of traffic during the event. Event organisers will also maintain a buffer between the temporary event fencing and wetland area to reduce the event footprint.

Consultation closed on 21 August 2023.