Latest Update

Exciting news! Construction is completed and the upgraded park is now open!

Your Say

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

During the consultation, the Your Say page had 145 visits and 15 people provided feedback via the online survey. An additional 22 residents (and approximately the same number of children!) attended the on site drop in session.

You told us that the park is often used by the many kids that live in the area including for birthday parties. The park is often also used by residents to rest and relax, for the playground and for the open space.

We are now working on the final design for the park and prioritising the additional factors requested from the local community.

Here’s what we heard through the consultation that we are either already incorporating or now considering (pending budget):

  • More challenging playground equipment to better suit a wide range of ages
  • Reduce opportunity for tree planting to obscure sea views from properties in future years
  • An irrigation take off point for a future opportunity for a community garden
  • Area for scooter/bike use to keep kids off the road.

Here’s what was requested, but will not be included as they are outside of the service standard for a local family park:

  • BBQ
  • Public toilet
  • Fenced playground
  • Walking track around full park.

The traffic concerns raised by residents surrounding speeding vehicles has been allocated to our traffic engineers who are investigating the issue (reference: 1863143).