A third workshop is coming. We'll update this page once the date is know.

Background information

The state government, in collaboration with business, community, First Nations leaders and council, is preparing a 50 year strategy to improve water security into the future. It will look at all water sources, consider the potential impacts of climate change on these sources and identify potential water security solutions. This will be the second water security strategy the State Government has undertaken following the completion of the Barossa Water Security Strategy which was released in 2022 (see here).

Called the McLaren Vale Regional Water Security Strategy to reflect the McLaren Vale Geographical Indication or GI, the strategy will cover almost all of council’s areas and is relevant to our residents and businesses – not just those in McLaren Vale.

Council has identified water security for the region as a key action in its Climate Change Response Plan. Importantly Council uses water to keep our public spaces cool and green, care for street trees, support biodiversity and much more. We believe equitable access to water for business, environmental, social and cultural needs is key to our city’s future. The McLaren Vale Regional Water Security Strategy is one way we can contribute to the critical discussions that need to happen now, to make good decisions for the future.

To find out more, including the outcomes from workshop 1, visit the Department for Environment and Water’s project website here.

The second state government workshop setting the strategic direction for our region’s water security was held on Tuesday 27 June 2023 at the McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Coast Visitor Centre.

This workshop explored different scenarios of the future that are based on areas of uncertainty and key drivers of change that may impact on the region. The plans that were made at Workshop 1 were tested and refined through these scenarios, to make sure the plans will be effective in achieving the shared vision for the future.

Long-term water security planning aims to help the McLaren Vale Region adapt to a changing climate and increasing demand for water and ensure that water is available to support the region’s water security vision.

For more information visit the DEW website.

Local perspectives and expertise are essential to develop a water security strategy for the region. If you would like to be involved, please contact Simon Jacobs on simon.jacobs2@sa.gov.au.