Great news, the sealant removal is complete!

The works to remove the sealant on the large skate bowl have been successfully completed. The skate park is now fully open for use again.


We have listened to feedback from skate park users and over several months have been communicating with skate park user representatives on how we can improve the surface.

We have been testing different treatments to remove the sealant without damaging the underlying concrete.

In August, a trial of a high-powered laser to remove the sealant was successful and assessed as the best way to remove the rest of the sealant from the large bowl.

After the successful trial of a high-powered laser to remove the sealant from a section of the large skate bowl in August, we proceeded with removal of the sealant on the whole bowl.

For safety, the skate park was closed while the contractors were on site and the laser removal was taking place.

The large skate bowl was closed until the sealant removal was complete but the rest of the skate park remained available for use after 5pm, Monday to Saturday and all day on Sundays.

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