What will be included in the playground upgrade?

    This park has been identified by the Open Space Strategic Management Plan 2018-23 as a Local Family Park. Local Family Parks are within easy walking distance of nearby residents, designed to usually consist of minimal play equipment and are generally designed to cater for short visits and allow for small scale gatherings.

    As part of the upgrade we will be:

    - replacing and relocating the playground equipment

    - upgrading the irrigation system

    - replacing the seats

    - planting some trees for future shade.

    Why is the playground being moved?

    The playground is being moved to better utilise the existing shade and to allow a larger kickabout area within the park.

    What infrastructure will not be included in the upgrade?

    Lighting, fencing and BBQ facilities are not included in the upgrade plans for Myerhoff Park.

    When will the upgrade be done?

    Over the next few months we will complete the design of the playground and irrigation.

    The upgrade is expected to be undertaken in 2020.

    Signage will be erected on site prior to construction to provide advance notification.