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Thank you to everyone that provided feedback on the speed limit changes approved by Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

We received a range of comments, some supportive of the changes and some respondents indicating that they would prefer that the speed limit changes do not go ahead.

The majority of feedback opposing the changes related to increased travel times, however, as outlined in the fact sheet the impact to travel times will be minimal.

As DIT have decided that the speed limits should be as shown in the fact sheet, the changes have been implemented and new signage installed.

Research shows that even a small decrease in travel speeds will lead to significant reductions in crashes and trauma.


For a number of years, we have received concerns from residents regarding speeding on eight rural roads within City of Onkaparinga’s portion of the Adelaide Hills (the Onkaparinga Hills).

Tragically, this year there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people killed on South Australian roads. Speeding is known to be a significant contributing factor to the number and severity of road crashes, and reducing speed limits is the most effective way to reduce road trauma.

We undertook a review of the performance of these roads in relation to their operating speeds and found that on many of these roads the average speed of vehicles is lower, sometimes substantially lower, than the existing speed limit. Lowering the speed limit will therefore have minimal impact on travel times while simultaneously enhancing road safety.

On this basis, we wrote to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) which is responsible for the setting of speed limits in South Australia, requesting they conduct an assessment of speed limits on these roads.

Subsequently, DIT has approved speed limit reductions on the following roads:

RoadCurrent speed limitNew DIT approved

speed limit

Bains Rd
Between Piggott Range Rd and Knox Drive
Coxs Hill Rd
Between Panalatinga Rd and Emu Creek Lane
Easton Rd
Between Piggott Range Rd and Grants Gully Rd
Education Rd
Between Piggott Range Rd and Singer Drive
80km/h 70km/h
Oakridge Rd
Between 260m and 720m east of Homestead Drive
Oakridge Rd
Between 720m east of Homestead Drive and Main Rd
Piggott Range Rd
Between Grants Gully Rd and Bains Rd
Potter Rd
Between Clarendon Rd and Grants Gully Rd
Upper Penneys Hill Rd
Between Piggott Range Rd and Craigs Rd

A map showing the location of the speed limit changes can be found below.

More information about the speed limit changes can be found in the fact sheet.

Consultation was open between 23 October and 12 November 2023.

Speed limit changes map

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