Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the extension of the dry area at Port Noarlunga to include the jetty and subjacent area.

We received 77 responses during the community engagement period. There was strong support (54 out of 77) from the community to extend the dry area, sharing their reasons such as reducing poor behaviour, increasing public safety, and ensuring the beach remains family friendly. Those not in support (18 out of 77) felt it unfair to punish those doing the right thing and those fishing on the jetty. Those who were unsure (4 out of 77) had mixed opinions, however two were in support of extending the dry area.

At its meeting on 15 August 2023, Council reviewed all feedback received and endorsed the application to the Liquor Licensing Commissioner (through the Office of Consumer and Business Services (CBS)) to have the Port Noarlunga jetty and subjacent area made a permanent dry area.

We will now submit our permanent dry area application to CBS.

If CBS approves our application, our next steps will be to:

  • Erect appropriate signage at the jetty
  • Promote the dry area to the community and stakeholders through email, social media and website notifications
  • Make public the dry area by notice in the Government Gazette and local newspaper.


Have your say on a proposal for a dry area for the Port Noarlunga Jetty, including the area of beach beneath the jetty.

We have received a request to extend the dry area to the jetty and the area beneath the jetty.

The request is being supported by South Australia Police, who directly tackle ongoing alcohol related issues in this area.

For a public place to be declared a dry area under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997, Council must submit an application to Consumer and Business Services that outlines the proposal along with evidence of community engagement. The final decision is made by the Minister following a recommendation by the Commissioner.

As indicated on the location map of the proposed dry area, the proposal includes the jetty and the area beneath the jetty.

We are now seeking community feedback that will be included as part of the application process.

Have Your Say

Consultation closed on 5 July 2023.