Project outcomes

We recently sought feedback from the community regarding the proposed closure of the walkway next to St John the Apostle School in Christies Beach.

On 19 March 2024, Council reviewed the public consultation report and approved the walkway closure.

During the consultation objections from the community were raised, particularly concerning the lack of street parking and safety. Representatives from Catholic Education SA and Council have discussed these concerns.

The closure of the walkway aligns with the school’s master plan and will offer improved student safety and movement within the expanded school campus. The School’s development plans include the provision of additional on-site parking which will improve movement for vehicles along Carmichael and Winnerah Roads.

The ability to effectively use the school’s acquired sites and create a connected campus will help the school to forward plan, accommodate the community and will improve safety for it’s students and staff.

Council will now proceed with the next stage of closing the walkway through the formal closure process.

We would like to thank everyone for their valuable feedback.

Background information

Proposal to permanently close the walkway between Winnerah and Carmichael Roads in Christies Beach.

The City of Onkaparinga has recently approved the commencement of a Road Closure Process for the Council owned walkway located between Winnerah and Carmichael Roads, Christies Beach to enable the sale of the subject land to the adjoining landowner who have applied to purchase.

The subject land comprised in Portion of the land contained in Certificate of Title Volume 4176 Folio 130 is a 2.5m wide long strip of land, measuring approximately 196 m² and has frontage to both Winnerah Road and Carmichael Roads as shown bordered in red on the subject land map.

If the closure is approved, the land will be amalgamated with the adjoining landowners’ title to form a single allotment as shown bordered in blue on the subject land map.

Consultation closed on 27 August 2023.