Each year trees are removed across our city for a variety of reasons. All significant and regulated trees require inspections by qualified arborists and our preference is to always retain trees wherever possible.

The significant and regulated trees listed below have been assessed by a qualified arborist and identified for removal due to safety concerns.

When a ‘Regulated’ or ‘Significant’ tree is removed, two or three trees are planted to compensate for their removal. We are committed to planting three trees for each significant tree removed and two trees for each regulated tree removed.

We have established urban forest targets to increase urban vegetation cover and tree canopy in the City of Onkaparinga by 20 per cent by 2045 and are committed to planting 100,000 new trees in street verges, waterways and parks by 2037. Following community engagement, a report will be presented to Council for consideration, we anticipate this to be early in 2023. A Development Application will then be required to remove the trees if Council approves the removals.

This page lists the current regulated or significant trees planned for removal or recently removed due to safety concerns. If you require further information, please contact our friendly customer service staff on 8384 0666 or email mail@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

Regulated and Significant Trees Proposed for Removal

There are currently no proposed tree removals open for engagement.