Latest Update

The application seeking removal of the tree has been approved in accordance with the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. Subsequently, the tree has been scheduled for removal in July 2023, and replacement plantings will follow.


A Eucalyptus cladocalyx, commonly known as sugar gum street tree located adjacent 7 Daniel Street, Hackham has been assessed by a qualified arborist and identified for removal due to safety risk.

The ‘Regulated’ trees structure is identified as poor, having a large area of included bark in its main trunk which is showing tissue separation. The defect is significant and has the potential to continue to separate and eventually fail. Unfortunately, there are no reasonable management options other than to complete tree removal.

When a ‘Regulated’ or ‘Significant’ tree is approved for removal, two or three trees are planted to compensate for their removal. In this instance, we will plant two trees in Hackham in the 2023 planting season (May to October). We have established urban forest targets to increase urban vegetation cover and tree canopy in the City of Onkaparinga by 20 per cent by 2045. We are also committed to planting 100,000 new trees in street verges, waterways and parks by 2037.

To learn more about Significant and Regulated Trees, follow these links to read the fact sheet or view the location of the tree being removed.

Consultation on removal of this tree was undertaken in November and December 2022.