This consultation has now closed.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA), as South Australia's independent environmental regulator, will be developing the State of the Environment Report (SOER) 2023 over the next 12 months and we are seeking your input to help shape its content.

This report collates information from multiple sources to assess and report on the condition of our environment in South Australia. It needs to highlight the pressures that are placed on our environment, what impacts these may be having on our land, sea, air, and inland waters, and what is being done to help protect, restore and enhance our environment for current and future generations.

Protecting the environment is a shared responsibility and the EPA recognises that South Australians take pride in their environment and are actively involved in its protection and enhancement. We encourage you to become involved in the development of this important report.

The State Of Environment Report (SOER) is produced every five years under the Environment Protection Act 1993.

For all the information and to have your say, please visit their website here.