Latest update

Great news! Construction is now complete and the carpark is open to the public.


We are undertaking works to retreat the car park and shared path located on the Esplanade, Seaford (opposite Tiller Drive). This is a coastal adaptation project which will address erosion issues impacting upon the existing cliff top infrastructure.

Shoreline analysis undertaken as part of Council’s Coastal Scoping Study has provided us with evidence that retreat of infrastructure is a viable first option for this area. By retreating infrastructure, we can allow cliff recession to continue, steep slopes could find an equilibrium (less steepness) and we can maintain the natural and cultural values of this important coastal environment.

The coastal location of the project brings with it particular significance to local Traditional Owners. Council staff have been working with the Traditional Owner members of its First Nations People Advisory Group (FNPAG) to learn more about this significance.

Through this collaborative approach, shared understandings are developing regarding the cultural significance of the coastline and how to protect this as Council upholds its responsibilities to also protect public amenities from the ongoing natural threat of coastal erosion.

The final design of the new shared path segment will play a storytelling role in the form of artwork stenciled into the concrete path, recognising the strong Kaurna heritage associated with the location.

The retreat of infrastructure will provide a buffer zone of between 15m to 20m from the eroding cliff line. The car parking spaces will need to be reduced from 70 to 31 spaces to accommodate the retreat of infrastructure and maintain the existing trees and vegetation.

The decommissioned path will remain in place to avoid disturbance of the underlying material and reduce water run-off and saturation of underlying soils.

Consultation was undertaken in February and March 2023.

Following consultation in March, the plans for retreating the carpark and shared use path from the eroding cliff face were finalised

The project includes:

  • retreating infrastructure to allow for cliff erosion
  • reduction and relocation of existing carpark, including new kerb and asphalt
  • relocation of shared use path
  • relocation of fencing, lookout area, shower, and furniture
  • planting of new vegetation.