Will council be planting new trees?

    Yes, we currently undertake replacement tree planting each year to replace the trees we remove. Trees are also planted as part of projects and new development.

    In line with our Green City Strategic Management Plan we will be focusing the majority of our planting in streets to ensure a sustainable urban forest.

    Tree species used will be suitable for the locations to be planted in and where possible large growing species will be planted on reserves and open space.

    What about significant trees?

    Significant trees are protected under State Government legislation. We will continue to, where appropriate, protect and maintain significant trees. Significant trees on private property are not covered by this strategy and residents are advised to contact our Planning Department for any works relating to these trees.

    What about our native or threatened species of trees?

    Remnant vegetation including trees of any size still exist in our urban areas and as such may be protected under the Native Vegetation Act 1991 or in the case of our Greybox Eucalypt (Eucalyptus microcarpa) these woodlands are protected under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 as a threatened species. It is important that any work occurring around these trees is undertaken in line with this legislation.

    Will all trees that are newly planted be drought resistant?

    The nursery industry continues to work hard to find and develop species adaptable to climate change. There are many native and exotic species which are suitable for planting in our region and we focus our street tree planting on finding the right location and building on existing streetscape themes. 

    Am I allowed to plant a tree on the council verge in front of my property?

    Section 232 of the Local Government Act requires residents to seek council approval before planting any vegetation on the verge. In line with this we ask residents refer to our Road Verge Landscaping guidelines so that our staff can work with residents to ensure what is planted meets various compliances and is not removed at a later stage.

    Will council prune the tree out the front of my house?

    Yes, providing there is sufficient reason to do so, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to tree management and utilise best arboricultural practice in all tree maintenance functions with a focus on public safety. If you believe your council tree needs pruning simply complete a customer request form  or contact our Customer Relations Team on 8384 0666 and our staff will inspect and prune the tree if required.

    Will council remove the tree in front of my property?

    Not necessarily, the community as a whole has an expectation that all trees on our land be retained and only removed if there are compelling reasons to do so. Trees will only be removed if they meet one or more of our assessment criteria, with priority given to trees assessed as having the highest risk of failure. All requests for removal must be received in writing

    If you would like your council tree to be assessed please complete a tree assessment form. We will then visit the location, assess the tree and let you know the outcome.