Roads in the McLaren Vale region are set to become safer for visitors and locals alike, with safety improvements being considered for 21 intersections

Enhanced warning signage has been installed at 14 McLaren Vale intersections.

We have now begun the six-week commissioning process for RJAWS at the following intersections:

  • Seaview Road, Coppermine Road, and Olivers Road
  • Aldinga Road, California Road, and Olivers Road
  • Malpas Road and California Road

These systems will be fully operational by September 2024.

RJAWS will also be installed soon at two additional intersections: Main Road, Malpas Road, and Binney Road; and Bayliss Road and Communication Road. This will also involve changing the priority at the intersection.

Construction is scheduled to begin in September on the project’s two most significant upgrades, which involve ‘teardrop’ islands at the Main/Johnston/McMurtrie Road intersection and a compact roundabout at the Chalk Hill/Olivers Road intersection

All upgrades are anticipated to be completed by June 2025.

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Progress photos

  • Mayor and MP Leon Bignell discussing RJAWS with SAGE who are designing and building the RJAWS system

  • RJAWS major road warning sign at Malpas and California Intersection

  • RJAWS minor road warning sign at Malpas and California Intersection

21 Intersections map