Current restriction

  • No current restrictions in place.

Proposed restriction

  • Dogs on-leash at all times.


  • Proposed restrictions identified by signs at each entrance, four signs are proposed for this site.


  • Compliance will be subject to customer reports of non-compliance and investigated by a ranger.


  • Wetlands in our region have matured and established since they were initially developed.
  • Many are now home to a variety of species of plants and wildlife some of which are vulnerable or endangered. Permitting dogs off-leash allows them to interfere with habitats, disturb nesting birds, chase wildlife and crush vegetation.
  • Keeping dogs on-leash and staying within the designated paths protects our wildlife and allows young plants to grow.
  • By protecting the proposed areas with dogs on-leash, dog owners can assist in preserving the long-term health of our wetland environments.
  • Fauna surveys have listed 31 species including three with a conservation rating.
  • Many species are known to nest among the reeds in this reserve and adjacent watercourse vegetation.