Christies Beach map

Current restriction

  • Dogs on-leash during daylight savings between 10am and 8pm.

Proposed restriction

  • Dogs on-leash at all times during daylight savings.


  • Proposed restrictions identified by signs at each entrance, three signs are proposed for this site.


  • Compliance will be subject to proactive ranger attendance and investigation of customer reports of non-compliance.


  • Dogs off-leash can be a nuisance at the beach. Some people have a fear of dogs, particularly off-leash dogs; they can feel intimidated by dog owners aggressively controlling their dogs and have safety concerns for their families and their own dogs.
  • Historically, a uniform approach was the norm along metropolitan beaches with dogs required to be on-leash between 10am-8pm during daylight savings. However, Council has established off-leash exercise areas on many parts of our coastline as well as introducing the state’s first dog prohibited beach at Port Noarlunga.
  • Inclusion of this site follows consultation on the review of council's By-law 7 Dogs.
  • The proposed restrictions will complement the off-leash exercise area north of Heather Street, Christies Beach and create a family friendly environment on-leash area in the southern section.