McLaren Flat wetland map

Current restriction

  • No current restrictions in place.

Proposed restriction

  • Dogs on-leash at all times.


  • Proposed restrictions identified by signs at each entrance, three signs are proposed for this site.


  • Compliance will be subject to customer reports of non-compliance and investigated by a ranger.


  • Wetlands in our region have matured and established since they were initially developed.
  • This site is a large wetland system which consists of four connected ponds in a mainly agricultural landscape, near a school and residential development. It is now home to a variety of species of plants and wildlife some of which are vulnerable or endangered.
  • While no specific fauna surveys have been undertaken at this site, existing databases indicate that turtles, skinks, geckos, possums, and koalas are present. It provides important habitat for native wildlife that rely on access to water, including many species of birds which use the fringing and aquatic vegetation for nesting and foraging for food.
  • Royal Spoonbills (large wading bird species) have been observed in this wetland, they are rated vulnerable in the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Region.
  • Permitting dogs off-leash allows them to interfere with habitats, disturb nesting birds, chase wildlife and crush vegetation.
  • Keeping dogs on-leash and staying within the designated paths protects our wildlife and allows young plants to grow and assists in preserving the long-term health of our wetland environments.