Ridgetop Place Reserve map

Current restriction

  • No current restrictions in place.

Proposed restriction

  • Dogs on-leash at all times.


  • Proposed restrictions identified by signs at each entrance, two signs are proposed for this site.


  • Compliance will be subject to customer reports of non-compliance and investigated by a ranger.


  • We have over 400 reserves including three dedicated fenced off-leash dog parks, some with separate small and large exercise areas.
  • Significant flora species have been identified in this reserve, part of which is cared for by Bush For Life program volunteers. It provides important habitat for native wildlife and is also a place for recreation, education, tourism, relaxation and sometimes spiritual connections, in short, a place for everyone! Finding a balance is important to minimise the impact on the conservation areas.
  • Too much ground disturbance will threaten the survival of many plant species.
  • This reserve contains remnant bushland on a sandy and sloped site.