Consultation has closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

In April the Strategic Directions Committee approved community consultation on amending the Community Land Management Plan classification of the oval area of Frank Smith Park in Coromandel Valley.

This decision followed extensive community engagement and research on the future use of Frank Smith Park for low impact sport and a successful trial in 2022 of winter club soccer use.

The rest of Frank Smith Park will remain ‘Developed Reserve’. High impact sport or supporting infrastructure such as clubrooms is not proposed or being considered for the park.

Amending the classification of the oval area from ‘Developed Reserve’ to ‘Sportsground’ in our Community Land Management Plan formalises existing use and allows for increased use for low impact organised sports.

A Sportsground in council’s Sportsground Community Land Management Plan is defined as an area providing for structured, result focused, competitive recreation involving physical activity. Sporting activities include both training and competition and may be undertaken either individually or as a team.

Management of the park will be implemented through conditioned permits, while ensuring that no changes or additional infrastructure are proposed.

You can find out more about Community Land Management Plan designations and how council plans to mitigate the concerns raised in the previous consultation in the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Consultation closed 10 July 2023.

Information regarding previous engagement on the future use of Frank Smith Park can be found here.