Latest update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback regarding the development of the Regional Climate Action Plan.

Community input from the four Resilient South councils has been collated and a summary of regional feedback prepared. You can see the feedback summary here.

An engagement report describing what we have heard from the region’s community as well as other stakeholders including young people, businesses and Kaurna will be prepared and presented to regional Council Members at a forum in early March 2023.

Following this forum, a draft Regional Climate Action Plan (ReCAP) will be prepared. Engagement on the draft ReCAP is planned to take place through May and June 2023.

For further information, please contact the Resilient South Regional Coordinator, Stefan Caddy-Retalic

Regional Climate Action Plan (ReCAP) Engagement

We want to know what you think Resilient South should be doing to support the community to reduce emissions and prepare for or respond to climate change.

We also want to know what you think our future “climate-ready” southern Adelaide region should look like.

Resilient South is a partnership between the Cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion, Mitcham and Onkaparinga and the South Australian Government that aims to increase climate change adaptation and emission reduction action in the southern Adelaide region.

The Resilient South partners are preparing a Regional Climate Action Plan (ReCAP) to provide strategic direction for the four councils to adapt to a changing climate and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The ReCAP will focus on what the partners will do together, including how we can support and partner with others to progress change. It will build on our success over the past decade and provide a platform to nurture the relationships we have formed and develop new partnerships to benefit our region. A range of stakeholder engagement activities is being undertaken to understand how Resilient South can respond to community and stakeholder priorities and expectations.

To find out more information about what Resilient South has been doing, please go to

Initial engagement on the Resilient South Regional Climate Actin Plan (ReCAP) was undertaken in December and January 2022.