Latest Update

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

During the consultation, 244 people were aware of the proposal and 16 people went on to provide feedback. You can read the full engagement feedback report here.

At its meeting on 14 November 2023, Council resolved the following:

That for the portion of council-owned land described as Allotment (Reserve) 640 in Deposited Plan 35735 comprised in Certificate of Title Volume 5107 Folio 988, Council:

  • Receives the Community engagement feedback report from the public consultation phase of the community land revocation process.
  • Resolves, having considered the submissions received during the public consultation phase, to proceed with the process to revoke the subject land from its community land classification.
  • Approves that a request be forwarded to the Minister for Local Government seeking approval to the revocation of the subject land from its community land classification to enable sale to the adjacent landowners.
  • Requests that a final update report be presented to Council once the Minister’s decision regarding the proposed revocation has been received, to enable finalisation of the revocation process.

A letter will now be sent to the Minister for a final decision regarding the proposal.

View the council minutes here.

We will update this page again once the final decision has been made.


Have your say on the proposed revocation of community land on Cameron Road, Aldinga Beach.

The City of Onkaparinga recently approved the commencement of a revocation process for a portion of council owned reserve adjacent 37 Cameron Road, Aldinga Beach.

The portion of council reserve comprises 74 square metres and is shown bordered in red on Location Map.

It is proposed to revoke the classification of community land to enable the sale of the subject land to the adjoining landowners who have applied to purchase this portion. If the revocation is approved, the land will be amalgamated with the adjoining landowners’ title to form a single allotment.

There are no registered easements or existing infrastructure within the proposed subject land and Council will continue to retain the 10 metre-wide reserve from Cameron Road to Greenlees Parade for walkway purposes.

Consultation closed on 29 August 2023