Following the community engagement the analysis revealed that 18 participants completed the survey and indicated a lack of compelling demand to continue SUE as a festival.

The feedback however emphasised the importance of sustaining contemporary performance to stimulate local cultural activities, bolster the city's reputation as an arts destination, showcase local talent, and foster community building through the arts. Suggested ways to achieve this included public artworks, performances, free family night performances, pop-up choral/instrumental performances, and small events in attractive, high-traffic venues such as shopping centres, beachfronts/Esplanades, wineries, breweries, and art galleries.

Council will continue to explore providing opportunities for artistic expression through the Public Art Framework projects, performances at various council and non-council owned facilities including the Arts Centre, Sauerbier House, and Hopgood Theatre, as well as through wineries, local festivals, council-managed events, and initiatives funded via future grants programs. These avenues collectively support the community's desire for artistic enrichment and cultural vibrancy beyond the scope of the SUE festival.


The Series of Unexpected Events festival (SUE) celebrates the creative power of contemporary performing arts as a powerful, compelling, and challenging story-telling mechanism.

The festival program has existed in two different forms with the first year being cantered in and around Port Noarlunga, and the second being city wide. Both festivals were for two weeks and featured local, South Australian, and International performing artists performing throughout our city.

As part of our Arts and Cultural Development Action Plan 2022-25 we are reviewing SUE and consulted the community from 15 to 29 May 2023.

Image courtesy of Paul Gazzola and Open Space Contemporary Arts (OSCA)