June 2024 update - concept plan updated following engagement

Thank you to those who took the time to provide feedback on our previous design to improve the traffic calming measures on Mount Malvern Road in Chandlers Hill / Aberfoyle Park.

Following the engagement process we have considered the feedback and updated our design. Our response to specific feedback received during the consultation can be found in the Responses to feedback document.

The updated plans can be viewed here, and have been modified as follows:

  • Location 1: Gulfview Drive and Scenic Court intersection - the proposed modification of the existing device at the intersection of Mount Malvern Road, Scenic Court and Gulfview Drive now has a set of ‘speed cushions’ to be installed just north of the intersection, to ensure that all approaching vehicle speeds are low. This change addresses the concerns we received about the likely increase in vehicle speeds through the device that was previously proposed.
  • Location 2: north of Belvedere Court - the proposed modification of the existing device has not had any significant changes.
  • Location 3: Between Corella Avenue and Malvern Court - the proposed installation of new device at this location has been removed. This addresses the concerns raised about the impacts to driveway access and drainage that could have been generated by the previously proposed device.

The features incorporated into our design have been carefully chosen to achieve the best compromise between meeting Australian Standards and working within significant site constraints including existing site topography, driveways and the close proximity of large trees. Consideration has also been given toward limiting the loss of on-street parking, with the shortening of the Location 2 device actually providing up to 4 additional on-street parking spaces with no other loss of parking proposed.

The latest plans will maintain and even possibly improve the current traffic calming performance of the existing devices, whilst making the road much safer for all users. This should ensure that the potential for motorists to use Mount Malvern Road as a cut-through route is minimised.

We have recommended that funding be committed towards the construction of this project in the 2024-25 financial year, subject to Council’s annual budget process.


In early 2024 we sought resident feedback on plans to improve the traffic calming measures on Mount Malvern Road and Scenic Court in Chandlers Hill / Aberfoyle Park.

There have been ongoing safety concerns related to the two existing single-lane 'driveway link' devices located just north of Belvedere Court and at the intersection of Gulfview Drive and Scenic Court.

These devices were installed around 20 years ago, and whilst consistent with other traffic calming measures installed around the same time period, they no longer meet modern road design practices.

In particular, the device north of Belvedere Court does not meet the current minimum sight distance requirements for opposing vehicles due to its location on a crest.

There are a number of design challenges to the site including steep sections and narrow shoulders in close proximity to trees which limit the options to install new traffic calming measures.

We developed a draft plan aimed at introducing a safer road environment whilst continuing to promote commuting traffic onto higher order roads while also keeping vehicle speeds low.

The draft concept plan shows the proposed works across three locations, which included:

  • Location 1: Gulfview Drive and Scenic Court intersection - removing the single-lane 'driveway link'. This will provide enough room for opposing vehicles to pass each other when entering or exiting the intersection. A traffic calming device is not necessary at this location because vehicles are required to slow down to negotiate the intersection.
  • Location 2: north of Belvedere Court - modification of the existing traffic calming device by shortening the length of the single-lane 'driveway link'. This reduces the zone of conflict, and ensures that minimum sight distance requirements will be met for opposing vehicles. To keep vehicle speeds low, a flat-top speed hump will be incorporated into the single-lane slow point. The design is based on limiting the need for excavation, as removing the full device to provide two-way flow would likely require the removal of several nearby mature trees.
  • Location 3: between Corella Avenue and Malvern Court - Installation of a new traffic calming device. This is proposed to be another short, single-lane slow point which also incorporates a flat-top speed hump, to be consistent with the proposed device to the north. The installation of this device will necessitate the loss of approximately four on-street parking spaces.

The locations and types of devices were carefully chosen to limit the loss of on-street parking.

More information about the proposed devices and locations can be found in the FAQs.

Consultation on the draft concept plan was undertaken between 11 December 2023 and 19 January 2024.

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