Latest update

Exciting news – work is beginning on the new facilities for existing aquatic user groups on the western side of Wearing Street!

Construction of the new facilities is scheduled to commence on 31 July 2023 and targeted for completion by mid-2024.

The floor plan and elevation for Stage 1 of the Wearing Street Precinct Redevelopment are available for viewing here.

The Wearing Street project has been considered by council on multiple occasions, has been subject to considerable community and stakeholder engagement and has gone through rigorous approval processes. This has included development approval, authorisation under the Aboriginal Heritage Act and compliance with Native Vegetation Regulations.

The three existing Norfolk Pine trees will be protected during the construction process.

We aim to keep Wearing Street, the riverfront car park, and access to the river open for vehicles and pedestrians during the construction phase. However, there may be some short-term road restrictions in place. Construction works are typically scheduled from Monday to Saturday, between 7am and 5pm.

Planning and design of Stage 2 is continuing with a focus on enhancing riverfront amenities, including a larger beach watercraft launch area, upgraded parking area, installation of a shelter, new public toilet and upgrade Mann Street.

The Wearing Street Precinct Redevelopment project and design has and continues to be informed by Kaurna engagement.

This project is proceeding thanks to funding support from the state and federal government.


In partnership with the state government, Council is redeveloping the Wearing Street precinct.

The project aims to enhance the popular aquatics destination, promoting healthy lifestyle activities in and around the water, and create an iconic destination that encourages locals and visitors to experience Port Noarlunga.

Plans for the redevelopment were approved by Council in December 2020, following an extensive review and consultation process.

In March 2023 Council resolved to amend the Community Land Management Plan for General Community and Reserve to include the land transferred from the state government and lease the land to four long-standing user groups.