We are excited to be delivering streetscape improvements to Beach Road in Christies Beach.

Community engagement outcome

Thank you for providing feedback during the community engagement in March 2023. Approximately 1100 people visited the Your Say page, with 500 of those people downloading the streetscape plan and 69 people providing feedback.

We received strong support for the project across the engagement activities, with over 95% of businesses that commented on the project providing support, and over 60% of the community that provided feedback, either very happy or happy with the project and 17% unhappy. The remaining 23% were unsure and provided some concerns.

The main concerns raised during the engagement period, included

  • Additional shade and street trees
  • Unsuitable land uses for a tourism precinct, such as community services, office spaces and car yards
  • Concern about the loss of car parking
  • Perceived waste of money
  • Lack of existing streetscape maintenance and cleanliness

Council is seeking to address some of these concerns by:

  • confirming that the project will result in additional street trees and a shade structure proving additional shade
  • confirming that the project will only result in the loss of three on-street car parks
  • confirming that council have facilitated a façade improvement grant for businesses along Beach Road to improve the street frontage
  • working with state government to consider planning changes that would encourage more fine-grain retail land uses in the precinct and restrict unsuitable land uses

With the support of Chris Picton Member for Kaurna, council is working towards expanding the project to deliver improvements such as an additional node at the Beach Road and Fowley Street intersection. The streetscape plan has been revised and can be viewed here.

On the basis of the support for the project, council will progress the project to detailed design and construction.

Council will continue to work closely with businesses and stakeholders as we work towards finalising detailed design.

Work is anticipated to commence towards the end of 2023.